"I truly believe that nothing is impossible if we have passion based on collaboration."

Innovator and avid problem solver, Kim combined his passion for medicine and engineering, integrating the two during his academic career. He started studying at medical school in Ulsan. However, after three years and 92 credits, it became clear to him that medicine was not his path. As an inventor and engineer at heart, Kim transitioned to studying electrical engineering in Seoul, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Seoul National University.
He earned his Master of Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, uniting his medical knowledge with electrical and computer engineering studies.

“I focused on the electrical properties of biofilms, specifically charge distribution. Since biofilms contain a number of electrical polarized molecules and ions, I had the idea to apply an electromagnetic wave to disturb their biological metabolic reaction and structure.”—YoungWook Kim, Ph.D.

During his years of doctoral research at the University of Maryland, sponsored in part by The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation and the National Science Foundation Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (NSF-EFRI), Kim developed a new technology that harnesses the power of microcurrent electromagnetic waves to remove biofilms.

After successfully defending his thesis and earning his Ph.D. in 2014, Kim returned to South Korea to work for SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics Co. Within less than three years of working as a Senior Engineer of the Element Technology Development Group, he published 14 Korean patents and 31 Technical Papers for SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics.

From 2017 to 2019, Kim gained expertise as Director of Equipment Development at SEEGENE, Inc., developing several new products and winning the SEEGENE Achievement Award for creating technology for molecular diagnostic equipment.

In 2019, Kim was diagnosed with colon cancer. With his health failing, he endured trying times frequently at the crossroads of life and death. However, his deep-rooted entrepreneurial aspirations only grew stronger along with his determination to get well and achieve them. Following his discharge from the hospital later that year, Kim fulfilled his dream and founded ProxiHealthcare Inc.

“I thought often about how the bioelectric effect is focused on the electrical properties of the biofilms and works across bacterial species. That means this technology can be applied to various kinds of bacterial biofilms, including mouth biofilms.” —YoungWook Kim, Ph.D.

Within one year, he officially launched the brand TROMATZ® (derived from “elecTROMAgnetic arTS”) and introduced the first microcurrent wave toothbrush to the South Korean Market.

The effectiveness of this new technology in combating oral diseases caused by biofilm has been analyzed and proven by various aspiring Ph.D. students, and published in more than 30 research papers, including the Effect of electrical energy on the efficacy of biofilm treatment using the bioelectric effect.

Kim has filed over 122 intellectual properties for innovative solutions. He continuously evolves TROMATZWAVE® technology at PAIST (ProxiHealthcare Advanced Institute for Science and Technology), to combat harmful biofilms, pursuing his mission to provide cutting-edge technology for a healthier life and a cleaner world.

Personally, YoungWook Kim continues to follow his mantra “Live a persistent life.” Ever an engineer and always learning, he loves to fix machines and read books. After beating cancer, he strives to live in the moment and find happiness in small pleasures.
History (Persistent Life)


Expected NASDAQ (2026), TROMATZ (USA)


Expected KOSDAQ (2024 - 25), ProxiHealthcare Inc. (Korea)


Developing an AI system for smart dental applications
Developing an AI system for smart ocean applications


Developed world 1st bioelectric medical device for rhinitis
Developed world 1st bioelectric animal toothbrush
Developed world 1st bioelectric anti-biofouling technology
Founded ProxiHealthcare USA Inc. NJ, USA (Feb. 2022)

2019- 21

Within 1 year, accumulated revenue over 1M USD (Korean market)
Developed world 1st bioelectric toothbrush at ProxiHealthcare Inc.
​Founded ProxiHealthcare Inc. Seoul, Korea (Sep. 2nd, 2019)

2014 - 19

Developed world 1st new metal crystal oscillator at Samsumg
(Patent 34) - Project manager
Developed in-house artificial intellegence data analysis system in Seegene (Patent 14) - Project manager
Developed world 1st specitotemporal optical system real-time PCR system in Seegene (Patent 14) - Project manager

2014 - 1998

Developed 1st non-electrolysis biofilm removal technology

Ph.D./M.S. University of Maryland (Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship)
B.S. Seoul National University (Early graduation with honors)
Pre. Med. University of Ulsan (Superior academic scholoarship)
Korean College Entrance Exam (Top 0.18%, in 2001)



Ocean biofouling 
(World 1st)

Biofilm reduction for anti-biofouling, TROMATZ Ocean

Smart dental care
(World 1st)

Clean dental plque where brush can not reach

Smart home appliance
(World 1st)

Hygiene for life

Artificial Intelligence


Smart medical device

Inflammation and infection

Electronics (Patented)

Microelectronics for biofilm
World 1st non-electrolysis biofilm management technology

"Demonstration of non-electrolysis induced electrical technology for biofilm removal"

Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.
World 1st Tungsten electrode crystal oscillator technology

"Developed and commercialized non-gold/silver electrode for precision quartz crystal oscillator"

Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.
World 1st Spatiotemporal optical system RT PCR system

"Developed the world first local monitoring optical system integrated real-time polymerase chain reaction medical system"

Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.
World 1st bioelectric toothbrush and medical device 

"Developed and commercialized the world first bioelectric plaque and rhinitis medical device" 

Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.

Accumulated over 150 domestic & international patents
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Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.

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